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lf you live in St Austell, Bodmin or Newquay and you are thinking of learning to drive, our driving school is totally focused on Customer Success. You will benefit from our proven teaching methods.

Read the latest Customer Reviews from happy customers who have taken their driving lessons with us. Learning to drive should be Fun and Stress Free, but your driving lessons should be structured, in a way to ensure timely success and full value for money.  Everyone wants to pass their driving test at the first attempt, and I am sure you are no exception.

We pride ourselves on the positive feedback we receive praising our teaching methods. To think all driving instructors are the same would be a huge mistake.

You are welcome here at Orchard School of Motoring where you can join many other local students who have passed their driving tests with us.

I wish you happy and successful driving , best wishes from all the team here at Orchard School of Motoring.

Richard Boyle, School Manager.

8 Steps to a 1st Time Pass

1. Be consistent with your driving lessons. Endeavour to take a weekly driving lesson. Those students who take regular driving lessons learn much faster than those who are irregular. If possible commit to two hour driving lessons, You will learn far more and far faster.

2. Be prepared for your driving lessons. You are paying for your driving instructor’s time, so make the most of it.

Being in the right frame of mind, and being awake, will give you the best chance of remembering what you did on your last lesson and how you did it.

3. Your Driving Lessons should always begin with a recap of your previous lesson. This is your chance to discuss what went well, and what problems you had last lesson.

This is very important, it will help you and your driving instructor decide what to work on this lesson. Do you need to spend more time on what you did last lesson, or do you want to work on something different? You can then agree between you, what you want to achieve on this lesson.

4. The Lesson Objective. Possibly, the most important element to your progress. You should be part of the decision of what you want to achieve from the lesson. Once you have decided what you want to achieve, you need to decide how much help you want, and how much responsibility you are taking for the potential risks involved.  It is vital, that every lesson has a definite objective, so you know what you’re trying to achieve.

5. Properly structured lessons will encourage you to develop your skills. You will be helped to take responsibility for the control of the car and potential risks involved, by following a structured path.  Responsibility will be handed over to you when you are happy to take it. Your lessons should start off very easy at the beginning, and increase in complexity as you feel more confident in what you are doing.

You will be encouraged to develop, with relevant questions to check your understanding.  This is a very important procedure, as full responsibility is gradually transferred over to you, when you are ready.

6. Summary of your driving Lesson. Your instructor should spend at least five minutes at the end of each lesson to summarise what you have done.

He should give positive feedback on all points, and discuss with you possible solutions to any problems that happened during the lesson. What you discuss at the end of the lesson, you are more likely to remember from that lesson.

7.  Self Evaluation. Be honest with yourself, if you are still making mistakes on your driving lessons, it’s quite likely that you will make even more mistakes on the day of your test, because you may be nervous.

You should not even consider booking a driving test, unless you are driving consistently, with only a few minor mistakes, and you feel 100% safe, and confident with your driving.

Too many candidates fail their driving test, because they are not confident, and driving consistently.

8.  Follow your instructor’s advice. Driving instructors are highly trained and experienced in assessing when you are ready to take your practical test.

Trust your instructor’s advice, trust what you have learned, believe in your ability, and make your first test the only test you have to take

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